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Becky C.

I would give Patrick, Steph, and the team the highest rating imaginable. I had a relatively complicated real estate transaction and Patrick represented me (the buyer) when the seller’s agent in Boulder was not straightforward or reliable. Patrick was recommended to me by a friend who has known him for decades and said that he is absolutely the best and most experienced realtor in Boulder. He provided wise counsel in tricky situations and was direct, honest, thoughtful, and totally keyed in to what I needed to do to get the deal done. Because I was not living in Colorado, there were a number of things that needed to be managed from afar and during and after the sale, Steph provided perhaps the greatest customer service that I have ever experienced in any industry, bar none. She went above and beyond to make things clear and easy. Even at times where the seller or seller’s agent should have taken responsibility for the situation, Steph picked up the slack and helped me manage everything to completion. She did this with patience, savvy, and such a positive and friendly attitude. They were extraordinary and I would recommend them again and again.