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Al & Reese K., April 2021

“As a 3-time CEO, 21 year history in the top 3% of the world of Business Coaches for hundreds of successful people, and someone whose career has been involved with Realtors and Mortgage Lenders since 1977, I have a very tenured perspective on the quality of service Realtors either do or don’t provide. Patrick and his Team are, without qualification, the very best Real Estate Team I have ever known or or worked with. As a Business Coach to CEOs, I have a high sensitivity to service providers skills in the areas of Industry Knowledge, Relationships and Execution. This Team is special. Patrick has created a systematically effective process for optimizing home values and selling processes to all parties satisfaction. For example, in recently listing and selling our home of 28 years, he and his Team attracted a buyer who purchased our home for 22% over asking price within 3 days! Further, all portions of the transaction went smoothly, supported by consistent communications throughout. I have, literally, written a book (“Soul Experience: The 4th Level of Identity”) about the difference between “Level 3” business people (i.e. Ego-based), vs “Level 4” business professionals (i.e. Values-based), and I can say, without reservation, that Patrick and his wonderful Team are the highest “Level 4” Realtors I have known in 43 years of observing the profession. We need more people in this world with that Team’s Integrity, Knowledge, Humility, Technical Skill, Organization and Commitment like they individually and collectively embody. When considering Realtors, Patrick and his Team are literally like Shakespeare declared as a “Dove trooping with Crows”, compared to his competition.”